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Any bride-to-be knows how stressful it can be to plan a wedding. This is supposed to be their perfect fairy tale day, but the bride-to-be has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to planning the wedding. Sure, she may have the help of family and friends but ultimately the planning falls on her. This leaves little time for the bride-to-be to relax and enjoy her special day.

There are so many decisions to be made when planning a wedding. What type of wedding ceremony will you have? Who will be in your wedding party? At what location will the wedding be held? What type of wedding vows will you use? What type of music will play during the ceremony? What about at the reception? These are all questions the bride-to-be must figure out the answers to when planning her dream wedding.

The bride-to-be may have an idea in her mind about what she wants for her wedding day, but she does not know how to go about making the plans. The stress of planning the wedding can be enough to make the bride-to-be want to convince her partner to elope.

This does not have to happen.

The bride-to-be can have her dream wedding without the stress!

There's a solution to the bride-to-be's problem!

Planning the wedding can be a lot easier if you know exactly what you need to do. What if there was someone with years of experience willing to share their secrets of wedding planning with you? Would you be willing to listen to someone with over thirty years of wedding experience? What if this person could offer advice on writing your own wedding vows? They explain the different types of wedding ceremonies available. They even offer music suggestions for the entire wedding and reception. Would this make the wedding planning easier for you?

There is even more. This wedding expert offers samples of wedding vows that you could use on your wedding day. There are even tips on how to keep organized while planning the wedding. How great would it be if all this information was in one place?  This wedding expert has saved you the trouble of searching for the information.

Now I bet you are wondering where you can find all of this great wedding planning advice. Well, do not wonder any longer! I am here to tell you exactly where you can get it:

It’s My E-book!

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What's inside this e-book?

This E-book will offer you all type of expert advice about planning a wedding. As soon as you begin reading you will feel the stress begin to melt away. Planning a wedding does not have to be difficult. The bride-to-be just has to know what steps to follow when making the plans.

You are probably still wondering who the wedding expert is. Let me tell you a little about him. Dr. David Drake is Director of The Northeast Florida Baptist Association in Yulee, Florida. He has been performing weddings for over thirty years. Yes you read that right. Dr. Drake has been officiating weddings for more than thirty years. He is also my Father-in-law. In his time participating in weddings he has learned what it takes to have a perfect ceremony. The great thing is he is willing to share these tips with you the bride-to-be.

Think of how valuable advice from someone who has been doing weddings for thirty years could be when you are planning your wedding. Dr. Drake has seen everything when it comes to weddings. He knows all about the different types of wedding ceremonies available. He knows when you need to have your wedding invitations in the mail. He gives advice about hiring a Wedding Planner, or a Wedding Director.

This expert information is invaluable to the bride-to-be.  Where else will you find someone with Dr. Drake’s experience? Many other so called wedding experts will claim they have lots of experience, but that may be only a few short years. Dr. Drake has over thirty long years in the wedding field.

Do you know what needs to be done three months before your wedding date? Dr. Drake lets you in on what needs to be done and when to do it. Avoid the stress of worrying about if you have left something out. Dr. Drake has included a schedule starting at six months out and ending at the moment you walk down the aisle. What could make the wedding planning any simpler?

Maybe you do not want to be in charge of making all the plans. Dr. Drake has included a section on Wedding Planners and Wedding Directors. He explains what they each do, and how they can make your wedding planning much easier.


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Why This Book Is So Important

1) Wedding Vows contains advice from someone who has been performing weddings for over thirty years. This information will help you plan your wedding without all of the stress. It will allow you to make sure all the details of your wedding have been taken care of. You will be able to enjoy your wedding day and relax instead of wondering if you forgot something.

2) Wedding Vows also contains advice on writing your own wedding vows and samples of wedding vows you can use in your own ceremony. Plus descriptions of the different types of wedding ceremonies available



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